About Jessica Hatch

Jessica Hatch is a political blogger, mother of four, devoted wife, and has been a faithful Mormon for her entire life. She decided to get into blogging when she was disheartened by all the negativity and misinformation that she found on the internet. She resides in Utah, and tries hard to make a positive difference in her community and in the world.

The Blessings and the Curses

Yes, I am truly saddened, and a little scared for our country. Sometimes I don’t understand who these people are that vote against God. Obviously, Obama is bad for America. He can’t protect us, as was seen in Benghazi. Unemployment is down, but only because people have stopped looking for jobs. Our debt is out of control. He proclaims that we can’t build businesses without the government’s involvement (The American Dream anyone?). He has no respect for the sanctity of marriage.

But I haven’t lost all hope. I am emboldened by the knowledge that our Heavenly Father has a plan, and as these are the latter days, he will not allow his promised land to completely destroy itself as it did with the Nephites. But why would Heavenly Father give us so much hope, only to take it away?

This reminds me of a parable:

A man was reflecting on his knowledge and experience in sales, when he got the prompting to write a book. He wrote a book about his experiences, and it was filled with knowledge. Every time he would get discouraged because it was too hard, he would pray and Heavenly Father would give him the strength to go on. He finally finished his book, but it never sold well. He prayed to Heavenly Father and asked why he had asked him to write that book, when it hadn’t served him financially. Immediately he got a response. He thought about all the things he had learned while writing the book. How his writing skills had improved, how he had learned to buckle down and motivate himself. He thought about the few people that the Lord had clearly planned for him to touch with his knowledge. He realized that he had been rewarded in ways that weren’t financial, but spiritual and intangible.

So it is with this election. Clearly, we’re not ready as a people for a Mormon leader. We were given our chance, and we failed. Those of us that are ready may feel discouraged, but think of all the good that has come from this election. Mormonism is more accepted and understood now. People know who we are, and they’re willing to take us seriously. We have proven that we can make it into the White House, and we’re that much closer to fulfilling prophecies that will usher in the Millennium. In testing us for our worthiness, God also furthers his own goals. How lucky we are to have such a brilliant tactician on our side.

The next four years will be hard. I hesitate to say that it’s our punishment, for do you a punish a toddler for not knowing how to read? No, this is the natural consequence of where we are in our development. We will have time to prove to our Heavenly Father that we are ready.

In the meantime, I’m updating my food storage.

Are you doing all that you can for the presidential election?

There are many ways that you can help with the upcoming election. You can make phone calls, you can go door to door, you can talk to your friends. But there is one way that doesn’t take much time, and everybody is equipped to do, and that is fasting and praying.

Are we ready for a Mormon president to lead us into the last days? Some people say that it’s our destiny, that it’s inevitable. But God will not give us blessings that we’re not ready for. Although Mormonism is still on a meteoric rise, and its domination is inevitable, we can still shape our own destinies.

If it’s inevitable, what do we lose if we do nothing to help usher it in? A lot, as it turns out. If we can prove to our Heavenly Father that we’re ready for the responsibility of a Mormon president, it will be by proving our own worth and righteousness, which in turn comes with many blessings. These blessings are not only personal, but they benefit the country as a whole. The benefits of having a President of the United States that is guided by God and our prophet are obvious. God always knows the right thing to do, and relies on us to be ready to receive that information. A Mormon in The White House would be in the best position to receive guidance from God.

So what can we do in order to prove our worthiness? It turns out that most of us already do it all the time. We already fast monthly, so why not bump that up to weekly? Fasting and praying is a proven method for raising your level of spirituality, and God would be moved to accept that we are ready for our country’s politics to be divinely guided.

So while we’re praying, why not include Brother Romney in our prayers? The unified voice of The Lord’s faithful servants is powerful indeed; more powerful than any of the secular efforts that we can muster.

The righteous will always prevail. We can just see to it that we prevail that much sooner.

When Holding a Religious Belief Becomes “Bullying”

Homosexuals are now waging a war against religion. Which side do you stand on?

If you don’t know what’s going on, liberals and other supporters of the homosexual agenda are criticizing religious students for standing up for what they believe in. Our kids are letting homosexuals know how they feel about their immoral choices, and the media is so intent on protecting the so-called “civil rights” of the people who choose this lifestyle, that they’ve now categorized “standing up for what you believe in” as “bullying.”

Could the media use a more inaccurate term? Possibly, though I think it might be tough. Is there actual bullying occurring? Undoubtedly. Bullying is a part of life in school. Is it a good thing? Of course not. But there are reports that kids are being suspended or even expelled simply for correctly informing their classmates that their choices have moral implications. This mis-categorization of intent and action is, of course, fully supported by Obama.

When it comes to religion vs. homosexuality, the Obama administration and the liberal left have always been okay choosing the side of homosexuality. Our children are no longer allowed to stand up for what they believe in, and they have to pretend to accept a form of sin that is unraveling the moral fabric of our society. In forcing our children to accept homosexuality as “normal”, the right for free religious speech is being quashed. Free speech is not only a matter of American freedom, but it is something that was inspired by God, as a pretense to the arrival of the one true church.

You know who else was bullied for his religious views? Jesus. And he wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in; some money changers can attest to that. (As a side note, I’ve often wondered how ashamed they must feel, up there in spirit prison, knowing that they’ve been called out in front of all of humanity.)

Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted in this country, with a majority of Americans answering polls that gay marriage should be legal. If we make it clear that we accept this kind of perversion, more and more people will want to make this choice. Given enough time, our landscape will be dominated by dual-male-income homes without the rights or resources to raise a loving, functioning family. God has made it clear that in order to protect our country, we must collectively choose righteousness over sin. The fact that over half of the country supports this moral abomination should be enough to terrify anybody, and preventing our kids the freedom to even do anything about it only hastens our moral decline.

Denying a person’s right to stand up for their religious beliefs is so absolutely counter to what this country stands for. Religious freedom is in the very first amendment, and that should say something about how important it is.

For without the right to believe in God, what do we have that’s worth fighting for?