The Blessings and the Curses

Yes, I am truly saddened, and a little scared for our country. Sometimes I don’t understand who these people are that vote against God. Obviously, Obama is bad for America. He can’t protect us, as was seen in Benghazi. Unemployment is down, but only because people have stopped looking for jobs. Our debt is out of control. He proclaims that we can’t build businesses without the government’s involvement (The American Dream anyone?). He has no respect for the sanctity of marriage.

But I haven’t lost all hope. I am emboldened by the knowledge that our Heavenly Father has a plan, and as these are the latter days, he will not allow his promised land to completely destroy itself as it did with the Nephites. But why would Heavenly Father give us so much hope, only to take it away?

This reminds me of a parable:

A man was reflecting on his knowledge and experience in sales, when he got the prompting to write a book. He wrote a book about his experiences, and it was filled with knowledge. Every time he would get discouraged because it was too hard, he would pray and Heavenly Father would give him the strength to go on. He finally finished his book, but it never sold well. He prayed to Heavenly Father and asked why he had asked him to write that book, when it hadn’t served him financially. Immediately he got a response. He thought about all the things he had learned while writing the book. How his writing skills had improved, how he had learned to buckle down and motivate himself. He thought about the few people that the Lord had clearly planned for him to touch with his knowledge. He realized that he had been rewarded in ways that weren’t financial, but spiritual and intangible.

So it is with this election. Clearly, we’re not ready as a people for a Mormon leader. We were given our chance, and we failed. Those of us that are ready may feel discouraged, but think of all the good that has come from this election. Mormonism is more accepted and understood now. People know who we are, and they’re willing to take us seriously. We have proven that we can make it into the White House, and we’re that much closer to fulfilling prophecies that will usher in the Millennium. In testing us for our worthiness, God also furthers his own goals. How lucky we are to have such a brilliant tactician on our side.

The next four years will be hard. I hesitate to say that it’s our punishment, for do you a punish a toddler for not knowing how to read? No, this is the natural consequence of where we are in our development. We will have time to prove to our Heavenly Father that we are ready.

In the meantime, I’m updating my food storage.

About Jessica Hatch

Jessica Hatch is a political blogger, mother of four, devoted wife, and has been a faithful Mormon for her entire life. She decided to get into blogging when she was disheartened by all the negativity and misinformation that she found on the internet. She resides in Utah, and tries hard to make a positive difference in her community and in the world.

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