Plain and Precious Truths – Tithing: Yes, We Must Pay to Enter Into Heaven

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The Lord is clear: to go to the Celestial Kingdom, we must pay a full tithe.

For visitors who may not know, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ requires all men (and women, if they must work outside the home) to pay 10% of their gross income to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Tithing is a simple, beautiful and fair commandment, one far simpler and more just than the complicated, twisted tax codes of man.  And because tithing is a commandment, we cannot enter into heaven without paying.

Does this mean, as the critics accuse, that the Lord requires us to pay to get into heaven?  Yes, that is exactly what it means.

Let me explain.  In the case of tithing, yes, we are required to sacrifice our money.  But money is gained by spending time working.  Our money, then, is directly tied to our time.  It is therefore plain to see that tithing is in actuality consecrating a portion of our lives to the Lord.  Money is only the vehicle the Lord has chosen for us to consecrate that fraction of our lives.

There’s more.  When someone refuses to pay tithing, they’re guilty of far more than not paying the church.  Money is only a small part of the commandment!  Refusal to tithe is literally a refusal to dedicate yourself to God.  Is it any wonder, then, that tithing is such a vital commandment?

Tithing is even more beautiful when you consider another point.  Tithing is indeed the vehicle by which Heavenly Father requires us to consecrate a portion of our lives solely to him, but in addition to being a consecrating vehicle, money also has intrinsic value for the church.  Without question, money is required to operate God’s kingdom on earth.

Yes, money is used to build ward houses and our church has many chapels.  But remember that because of tithing, chapels make money, not cost money.  Chapels are not an expense, they’re both real estate holdings for the church as well as income generators.  Many members do not understand that tithing’s importance for church operations is not in purchasing buildings, but in actually running the church.  It’s actually terribly inaccurate to tell our children and our nonmember friends that our tithing pays for chapels.  The Mormon church has thousands of paid employees, thousands of cars, extensive travel expenses and much more.  It is these operations that we are funding.

The mind of the Lord is beautiful.  Tithing has been commanded by the Lord both as a vehicle for consecration of our lives and as a necessary tool for running his kingdom on earth.  It is Heavenly Father’s chosen people, his Mormon tithe payers, who are on the Lord’s side.  Is it any wonder that God has decided that he will be surrounded by individuals who were willing to make such a sacrifice for him? Indeed, heaven will be populated solely by tithe payers.  Please, I beg you, decide today to be among the tithe payers, both here on earth and in the Celestial Kingdom.

And when you are asked whether you are required to pay the Mormon church to get into heaven, you can proudly answer, “Of course!

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